Visual Pollution
The projects looks into the concept of ‘visual pollution’ by applying design thinking and analysing São Paulo’s ‘Clean City’ law. The project employed participatory observation (visual ethnography) and reflexive inquiry (sensorial workshops), framed from a phenomenological perspective to investigate how different structures of experience are perceived within the same urban reality. The installation – Visual Pollution: São Paulo’s Social Urban Dynamics – was presented at the following workshops: Speculative Research – The Lure of Possible Futures (Goldsmiths, 2017) and Warwick University Annual Workshop on Pollution, Environmental Justice, and Citizen Science (2017), accompanied by a paper discussing the problems of São Paulo’s 'Clean City' law and its classification of visual communication as pollution. The paper presented at Warwick University is now part of the edited volume ‘Environmental Justice and Citizen Science in a Post-Truth Age’. 
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